First Safari of Summer – Just Right

The first Coastwise public shore safari of the season was at Barricane Bay, Woolacombe on 5th June. 

The weather was pleasantly cool, during a spell of otherwise hot sunny weather, which attracted just the right number of small family groups clearly interested in finding out what the shore had to offer.  

For the Coastwise volunteers, kitted out in their new high viz vests, this meant we could spend time with each group, exploring the wide variety of animals at this special place. 

We were not disappointed, with plenty of crabs including big Velvet Swimmers and some of the first Spider Crabs come in to moult. 

There were also a few fish, mainly blennies, with glimpses of nursery fish whizzing about the rock pools, and for a brief spell in our on-shore aquarium.

Notable finds included three nudibranchs, a Sea Lemon, an egg laying Common Grey sea slug and several Janolus cristatus, a Common Starfish and a small Lobster. 

There were plenty of colonial animals on the rocks to challenge the enthusiasts including Morchellium argus, Sidnyum turbinatum and Baked Bean sea squirts.

A good day was had by all, thanks to leader Jim Monroe, organisers Nicola Mello & Gudrun Limbric and Parkin Estates for granting permission.

On R, below the Safari Base Camp, a sea slug (Janolus cristatus), and a small lobster.

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