Public duty and private pleasure.......

At last we had a sunny day for a public shore safari on 5th August when more than a dozen Coastwise members were joined by as many enthusiastic families for an exploration of the rock-pools at Lee Bay.

Half a dozen small groups were soon finding a familiar array of animals, some of which were taken to our Umbrella-covered mid-shore tanks for a closer view.  Finds included feisty Velvet Swimming Crabs, amorous Shore Crabs and moulting Spider Crabs. Fish proved more elusive, Five-bearded rockling were seen fleetingly, Shanny were fewer than usual, and one Pipefish was reported.

With a relatively meagre show of animals the appreciation of our visitors made the day for us.  We broke camp with smiles all round - our thanks to the AONB’s Cat Oliver for the impromptu pic of umbrella supremo, Sandy Johnson with Nicola & Hamish Mello.

The weather was also propitious for a Coastwise member's strandline survey the following evening and Dave Jenkins led members (seen here) to Saunton, chosen for the richness of its strandline.  Dave shared his expertise, gained over many years, as well as showing some of his finds – long distance travellers such as sea beans, and coconuts.  

Mermaid’s purses, Gooseneck Barnacles and a By-the-wind sailor were amongst the evening’s finds.   These were taken to outside tables at the Saunton Sands Café, for closer viewing, with the  kind permission of the staff,  rounding off  a very enjoyable evening.

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