Full membership - £30 a year,  includes attendance at the 10 week Our Coast series of talks  starting in January 2018 and running for 10 weeks on Thursday mornings in Barnstaple Library. Click here for the membership leaflet (info only - programme now finished).

The Spring Programme 2018 has now finished, but there will shortly be a Summer Outside Programme on this site.

The Summer 2017 beach programme has now finished - click here to see what happened in Summer 2016. 

Associate membership - £5 a year, includes participation in all other events, and mailings, with eligibility to attend course elements at £3 per session

The talks series is at the heart of Coastwise so you are encouraged to take out full membership for at least one session if you possibly can, by which time we hope you will be hooked.  

It is our course about our  coast and its content is shaped by what the members want.  A second 10 week session is  normally offered from  October to December and is usually well supported, for which a further £30 fee is charged.

Coastwise is a self-funding not-for-profit organisation and our activities are funded from subscriptions.

What you get:

  • The chance to join with fellow enthusiasts drawn from organisations and the community in championing the coast
  • A course which is a mix of guest presentations, talks from experts within the group and informal collaborative sessions, coast visits and projects, old favourites and new ventures, as requested by members evaluating previous sessions. Link to course
  • A summer programme of field trips to the coast, trips to the beach for Shore Safaris, wildlife monitoring and beach cleaning.
  • Coastwise projects – such as our shore profiles
  • Collaboration with other organizations, such as with Devon Wildlife Trust 
  • Regular communications via website and email, including a newsletter, and notice of our events and information about other local activities of interest.
  • The chance to influence what we do – Coastwise does what its members want – and they decide how involved they want to get

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